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blogWell, to introduce her, still uncertain about how to do that. How can I say, a friend, a colleague, or someone who taught me that it is dicey and foolish to help someone whom you don’t know. I think I need a lot more words to depict her in fullest. For the sake of convenience let’s call her X; the alphabet that always denotes the unknown, coz even after being with her for quite sometime she is still an X for me.I met her months back, accidentally. May be pre- destined, yet the memories of that burning thoughts still hurt me.

Being first to the city she was badly in need of a help. As the request came from a colleague of mine, I couldn’t deny it.I managed to do that well. Everything could have ended then there, but some how that friendship grew, may be to give me a deep wound later.

A friendship draped in sisterly care; that was what I felt for her. But I was wrong…

I can’t exactly stay how I started moving away from her, may be the indifference in her attitude, which was a bit painful for me at the beginning, but later got used to it. She became close to others, and our relation ship shrunk to “Hai”s and “Bye”s. But I was glad that she managed to get some good friends in the city where she was totally new.

My silly thoughts never found the threat that hided behind that indifference. I didn’t even know that a treachery was getting cooked up behind me. How could I be so childish? Why did I become so caring and protective about her? Even now I wonder, may be coz I believed her blindly. I liked her.

Everything turned upside down no time. The likes turned to dislikes overnight, when the stinking sack of arguments was opened before me. Something that I told her once, as a protective shield, was ridiculously misinterpreted. But Why?A truly, bogus statement that I couldn’t even dream about such things. I was totally trapped in the web that she had made.

Backbiting, that is the most dreadful experience that a person can get, as you get cornered by others, whom you considered as your dear companions. So I didn’t even try to defend me coz one against a crowd would never work out.

She couldn’t grab a victory, as the sharp stiletto of backbiting made ready for me couldn’t pierce my heart, but left a visible mark on it, may be to remind me about the care that I had for her!

To help others again, now I need think twice about that…

Should I be systematic?

No, I shouldn’t be.

That’s what I feel when I get some unenthusiastic responses for my official queries.

The more I try to be systematic and time bound, the more I get tensed and worried .

Seems even my aging process is getting quicker these days , sad but true.

I have always been made fun of, for being too much involved in my works that I always get easily irritated with people who are not time consistent. I always lack the quality of taking official negligence lightly and gets worried for things that occur due to laxity of others involved with me.

At times perfectionism too is injurious to health says my mom, who always gets worried about these ever anxious office hours of mine. But sorry mom, I can’t help it.

Too much of promptness in my work has never earned anything worthy in my professional life. It has always landed me in troubles, either in the form of loads of works or in the form of blames for those issues that I am not involved with.

Yet, I remain meticulous, awaiting more worries…

A few SEO thoughts

SEO Copy writing…This can be one of the most sought keywords by the web solution seekers all over the world.

As a beginner even I had tried to Google this, to get a few worthy links that can give me a few tips for good SEO writing.

Many of the SEO copy writing that I found were not at all user friendly. The pages are built up just for the higher ranking in SEO and seemed to me like a bundle of keywords stuffed together.

This might have helped in a good search engine ranking but the pages seemed distorted and unfriendly to me. And I am sure an everyday visitor would give a very poor ranking for those sites. So in spite of a higher search engine ranking the site may go unnoticed.

SEO writing, I feel, is not just to have a higher ranking for your pages but also to make a readable copy of the services that you sell. To be precise make an easier approach so that the visitor’s mouse is tempted to click your site.

That needs a fine balance between your service and the search engine requirements.

Keywords!!! The golden keys

But I would say that you need to be specific in the usage of keywords, focusing on what a person may type in to a search engine. In the rush to get your pages listed top in Google don’t grab everything you find. This may lead to a catastrophe.

A longer SEO copy is matter of sheer boredom. A reader who needs a specific topic will get irritated on seeing an extended definition with repetitions over and over. So it would be wiser to be in the word limit.

I think you need to try writing as if you talk about the matter in a plain yet an average conversational language. Later make a clever usage of your keywords in it so that it doesn’t monopolize the idea of the page.

Try out one using an effective keyword phrases in the headlines, titles and sub titles, but remember that this should be done without spoiling the readability of the content. The ultimate result should not look absurd. Here I would suggest you to get a top ranked keyword that conveys the gist of what your page is all about.

As I started writing SEO works I was advised to write in such a way that the page has at least one keyword in a paragraph. An article about SEO writing that I came across says key words can also be used for the bold, italicized and bulleted lists. I guess this can highlight the facts to the readers as well as search engines, but regarding retaining a smooth pace of your reading, sorry I won’t guarantee you that.

A set of generic key words would make your page look stiff and pretentious. The same would be the result if you sandwich several keywords in a sentence, as well as repeating key words, in despair for a ranking in Google.

SEO writing is far beyond these tips. I can remember my days in Edappally branch, were I used to get worried about my works, for scarcity of keywords. Thanks to Radz and Lunku who used to put me at ease, giving me a handful of good tips that I have shared here.

Am I a good writer?

Am I a good writer?

My dad who reads my scribbles say Yes, I am.

The greatest compliment for me , as he is a creative and eloquent sort of man, who can play with words. And me, scribbling down a page would take me hours. I would brood over it for another hour to know whether it is any good or not.

Actually writing was something I had never dreamt of.

An ardent lover of books, who reads at least a book a week, I never tried writing out anything seriously, for some reason or the other. But scribbling out my silly thoughts, especially, during those boring sessions of literary criticism, was one of my hobbies. I used to scribble out my silly imaginations, something like the ghost of Hamlet’s father coming to our corridor during classes, and talking to me. These scribbles slowly started replacing the lecture notes .

I loved those hours of free thoughts and scribbling, but never dared to show that to anyone, even my friends.

To be frank, I couldn’t think of struggling to expand a thread of imagination to serious writing, I loved scribbling.

As teaching had more to do with my speaking skills than writing , that sounded like a fine career option for me.

But after four years I sank to a level where I couldn’t write even a paragraph without my hands trembling.

So to an attempt to try out a copy writer’s job later was in a way my effort to revive those scribbling skills, to try out some serious writing

It wasn’t really that simple as it took a long for me catch up with the pace of the job.

As I was given my first assignment and the first time I put pen to paper I found my writing so terrible that if now found, it could discredit me forever. I brooded over the matter for a long time, until my TL took it from me for editing.

Writing was not what I expected, but it is what I was born to do and I realize it now.

I’d always thought that I wasn’t very innovative, or at least that what creativity I did have wasn’t really appreciable. But the copy writing job totally changed my attitude. I could transform myself to a competent writer who could pen down any topic given to me.

Writing means sincere effort, and you need to spend a lot of time in editing your writing, if you want your words to portray your thoughts well.

Do you want to become a good writer? Sit down and fuel yourself with ideas, start moving your pen across the paper, I am sure, and the writer in you rises there.