Am I a good writer?

Am I a good writer?

My dad who reads my scribbles say Yes, I am.

The greatest compliment for me , as he is a creative and eloquent sort of man, who can play with words. And me, scribbling down a page would take me hours. I would brood over it for another hour to know whether it is any good or not.

Actually writing was something I had never dreamt of.

An ardent lover of books, who reads at least a book a week, I never tried writing out anything seriously, for some reason or the other. But scribbling out my silly thoughts, especially, during those boring sessions of literary criticism, was one of my hobbies. I used to scribble out my silly imaginations, something like the ghost of Hamlet’s father coming to our corridor during classes, and talking to me. These scribbles slowly started replacing the lecture notes .

I loved those hours of free thoughts and scribbling, but never dared to show that to anyone, even my friends.

To be frank, I couldn’t think of struggling to expand a thread of imagination to serious writing, I loved scribbling.

As teaching had more to do with my speaking skills than writing , that sounded like a fine career option for me.

But after four years I sank to a level where I couldn’t write even a paragraph without my hands trembling.

So to an attempt to try out a copy writer’s job later was in a way my effort to revive those scribbling skills, to try out some serious writing

It wasn’t really that simple as it took a long for me catch up with the pace of the job.

As I was given my first assignment and the first time I put pen to paper I found my writing so terrible that if now found, it could discredit me forever. I brooded over the matter for a long time, until my TL took it from me for editing.

Writing was not what I expected, but it is what I was born to do and I realize it now.

I’d always thought that I wasn’t very innovative, or at least that what creativity I did have wasn’t really appreciable. But the copy writing job totally changed my attitude. I could transform myself to a competent writer who could pen down any topic given to me.

Writing means sincere effort, and you need to spend a lot of time in editing your writing, if you want your words to portray your thoughts well.

Do you want to become a good writer? Sit down and fuel yourself with ideas, start moving your pen across the paper, I am sure, and the writer in you rises there.


6 responses

  1. I agree, writing takes a lot of creativity and hard-work, but sometimes I guess it pays to just let your thoughts flow and try to be spontaneous.

  2. hey you do write well.. have no doubt about that!!

  3. Thanks for the comments

  4. your blog is great and i liked the way u write out your thoughts. there’s no doubt u are a very talented and good writer.

  5. Thank You for the compliment

  6. Really, You are a good writer. Completely Agree

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