A few SEO thoughts

SEO Copy writing…This can be one of the most sought keywords by the web solution seekers all over the world.

As a beginner even I had tried to Google this, to get a few worthy links that can give me a few tips for good SEO writing.

Many of the SEO copy writing that I found were not at all user friendly. The pages are built up just for the higher ranking in SEO and seemed to me like a bundle of keywords stuffed together.

This might have helped in a good search engine ranking but the pages seemed distorted and unfriendly to me. And I am sure an everyday visitor would give a very poor ranking for those sites. So in spite of a higher search engine ranking the site may go unnoticed.

SEO writing, I feel, is not just to have a higher ranking for your pages but also to make a readable copy of the services that you sell. To be precise make an easier approach so that the visitor’s mouse is tempted to click your site.

That needs a fine balance between your service and the search engine requirements.

Keywords!!! The golden keys

But I would say that you need to be specific in the usage of keywords, focusing on what a person may type in to a search engine. In the rush to get your pages listed top in Google don’t grab everything you find. This may lead to a catastrophe.

A longer SEO copy is matter of sheer boredom. A reader who needs a specific topic will get irritated on seeing an extended definition with repetitions over and over. So it would be wiser to be in the word limit.

I think you need to try writing as if you talk about the matter in a plain yet an average conversational language. Later make a clever usage of your keywords in it so that it doesn’t monopolize the idea of the page.

Try out one using an effective keyword phrases in the headlines, titles and sub titles, but remember that this should be done without spoiling the readability of the content. The ultimate result should not look absurd. Here I would suggest you to get a top ranked keyword that conveys the gist of what your page is all about.

As I started writing SEO works I was advised to write in such a way that the page has at least one keyword in a paragraph. An article about SEO writing that I came across says key words can also be used for the bold, italicized and bulleted lists. I guess this can highlight the facts to the readers as well as search engines, but regarding retaining a smooth pace of your reading, sorry I won’t guarantee you that.

A set of generic key words would make your page look stiff and pretentious. The same would be the result if you sandwich several keywords in a sentence, as well as repeating key words, in despair for a ranking in Google.

SEO writing is far beyond these tips. I can remember my days in Edappally branch, were I used to get worried about my works, for scarcity of keywords. Thanks to Radz and Lunku who used to put me at ease, giving me a handful of good tips that I have shared here.


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