Should I be systematic?

No, I shouldn’t be.

That’s what I feel when I get some unenthusiastic responses for my official queries.

The more I try to be systematic and time bound, the more I get tensed and worried .

Seems even my aging process is getting quicker these days , sad but true.

I have always been made fun of, for being too much involved in my works that I always get easily irritated with people who are not time consistent. I always lack the quality of taking official negligence lightly and gets worried for things that occur due to laxity of others involved with me.

At times perfectionism too is injurious to health says my mom, who always gets worried about these ever anxious office hours of mine. But sorry mom, I can’t help it.

Too much of promptness in my work has never earned anything worthy in my professional life. It has always landed me in troubles, either in the form of loads of works or in the form of blames for those issues that I am not involved with.

Yet, I remain meticulous, awaiting more worries…


One response

  1. rest assured, none of your efforts will ever go wasted 🙂

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