blogWell, to introduce her, still uncertain about how to do that. How can I say, a friend, a colleague, or someone who taught me that it is dicey and foolish to help someone whom you don’t know. I think I need a lot more words to depict her in fullest. For the sake of convenience let’s call her X; the alphabet that always denotes the unknown, coz even after being with her for quite sometime she is still an X for me.I met her months back, accidentally. May be pre- destined, yet the memories of that burning thoughts still hurt me.

Being first to the city she was badly in need of a help. As the request came from a colleague of mine, I couldn’t deny it.I managed to do that well. Everything could have ended then there, but some how that friendship grew, may be to give me a deep wound later.

A friendship draped in sisterly care; that was what I felt for her. But I was wrong…

I can’t exactly stay how I started moving away from her, may be the indifference in her attitude, which was a bit painful for me at the beginning, but later got used to it. She became close to others, and our relation ship shrunk to “Hai”s and “Bye”s. But I was glad that she managed to get some good friends in the city where she was totally new.

My silly thoughts never found the threat that hided behind that indifference. I didn’t even know that a treachery was getting cooked up behind me. How could I be so childish? Why did I become so caring and protective about her? Even now I wonder, may be coz I believed her blindly. I liked her.

Everything turned upside down no time. The likes turned to dislikes overnight, when the stinking sack of arguments was opened before me. Something that I told her once, as a protective shield, was ridiculously misinterpreted. But Why?A truly, bogus statement that I couldn’t even dream about such things. I was totally trapped in the web that she had made.

Backbiting, that is the most dreadful experience that a person can get, as you get cornered by others, whom you considered as your dear companions. So I didn’t even try to defend me coz one against a crowd would never work out.

She couldn’t grab a victory, as the sharp stiletto of backbiting made ready for me couldn’t pierce my heart, but left a visible mark on it, may be to remind me about the care that I had for her!

To help others again, now I need think twice about that…


3 responses

  1. It is better to love and loose than being cynical about being flung out and not loving anybody at all. We never know how many people can be influenced by our lives.

  2. hey anjana, interesting blog. Keep writing!

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