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Guns reply

Does a gun give a satisfactory reply to the problems that you have? Does that really end your troubles and tribulations? If a big No is your answer, then what is the point in trying to sort out your issues with a gun?

I really wanted to ask this question to every American, as the fire arm culture is mounting day by day in US. Even today I saw the newspaper report of a guy who killed his wife and her cousin for a family issue that could have easily been solved inside the four walls of the house.

Why do people end up in such wretched situations where they respond with gunshots?

It seems too easy to get a gun there, that people have started giving reply to every issue, in gun shots. I feel that the right to own a fire arm has been firmly rooted in every American psyche that it has now become immovable. The government should really curb the buying of guns coz handguns and semi- automatic pistols that have now become a part and parcel of their lives. If it is not done , this gun culture is going to ruin them , I bet.

Reports show that hand guns have even started dominating the homicide status in US, the recent example of an Indian who killed his family and committed suicide coz of the financial loss that he faced, due to recession in US economy.

More mayhems have occurred in US classrooms, the deadliest too was faced by US, in the shooting rampage at Virginia Tech University. Still people walk around with guns, in ease, killing whoever they want to.

Do guns really protect people from criminality?

This widespread belief may be one of the reasons of increased gun ownership in US. But this reason turns out to be a motive for the misuse of arms. A gun slowly turns out to be the solution for every haunting problem of man. A financial turmoil, an office issue, a quarrel with the wife; people try to solve out everything with guns.

Can’t there be another way of solving things? There is not even a single issue in the world that cannot be solved. But a reply with guns makes things worse, leading to a total disaster and ruin, bring agony for many.

Listen to them

If I am asked to make a person listen to me, even at least for five minutes, I would be really in trouble. I know that is not as simple as my copy writing works or jotting down my random thoughts. As a teacher, I had experienced the very same dilemma when I used to handle certain dreary topics in my class. I always kept wondering about how to offer my students, an attention- grabbing start, so that they listen to me. May be my imperfect lexicon, I had to work really hard for that. It made think about the secret behind the gripping words of certain people , that always unleash their magical power and reverberate beyond barriers.

I rarely had the chances of meeting or listening to such renowned figures in my life. Among the very few I have met and listened to , I always try to remember the people who have instigated my curiosity and interest.

One among them is Mr: Sudhakar Jayaram, CEO of Amritha TV, one of the leading entertainment channels in South India. After a long journey through a few global organizations that include Bank of America, his return in 2004 marked a new epoch in the sector of entertainment channels, as he took up the post of CEO in Amritha TV.

I remember the first time that I saw him on screen, at the grand finale of a leading reality show conducted by the channel. I expected a very snobbish and high-funda speech as he holds one of the key positions of the channel, but it happened the other way round. I heard the true voice of a down to earth person, with immense visions and a perfect mission in his life.

His vibrant words and smile reflected the overflowing positive attitude in him and I saw that an interest had started mounting up among the listeners, who hardly noticed the words of the other so called celebrity figures.

An ardent devotee of Mata Amritanandamayi, Mr: Jayaram’s words had many motivating messages that he had received from her. May be a man of few words, he stopped soon!

I really wanted to listen to him, hear more from him, but couldn’t.

After the program I searched in for his write ups & interviews with him, but was disappointed as I couldn’t get much.

Bravo! Makers of ‘Hello’

The weekend went as usual, with long sleepy mornings and boring evenings. The only thing cheering was the film, “Hello”, that I saw on Sunday afternoon. Well, I won’t call that a great film, but it has a good story, as it reflects certain hard core issues that the youngsters face these days.

I had heard a lot about the book and wanted to own a copy of it, but couldn’t get one. As I had already read many reviews of the book there was an overall sketch of the story and the characters, in my mind.

The movie is quite interesting as it has a diverse set of characters who work in a call centre. The makers of the movie have been successful in depicting the life style, turbulent relationships and issues of the call center employees.

I have never seen much of fascination in the life of call center employees, but for the fat perks and the hyped glamour. I had the chance to attend the interviews conducted by a few established call centers, a few years back, but had to give up the offer as I could learn from the employees, that call centers are not as easy and enjoyable, as per the popular perception.

Even in the midst of the appalling conditions that prevail in call centers, people stick to them mainly coz of the fine payment. But I am sure that there can be many individuals in the call centers, who sacrifice their creativity and talent, coz of the need for money.

The film has simple, clear and realistic characters, may be a bit of fab for the sake of movie making, but I am sure that the characters can be identified in real life. The threats and uncertainties that Shyam and his colleagues Varun, Esha, Radhika, Priyanka & Military uncle face have been presented in a very simple and interesting way.

The phone call from God

This is the most interesting part of the film.

I have my own way of communicating with God. I speak, tell my woes & share my happiness with him, just like I do with ‘J’. Before doing an important work or taking an important step in my life, I do the same with my conscience so as to get the wisest answer.

The same thought has been portrayed in a very exciting way here, when the call from God saves everyone from their troubles.

No jobs are easy and it’s a true reality. But ‘Hello’ (One Night @ The Call Center) is a peep into the puffed up life of new generation, their jobs, attitudes, values and their dreams.

But the film made me wonder on certain things that I found very much illogical, hard to believe. Are Americans really dumb to seek help from us over the phone, to operate an oven or a dishwasher or to defrost a refrigerator? Do they really get doubts, as they started using these stuffs long before Indians knew about it?

A Musical Euphoria

Nusrath Fateh Ali Khan, I hardly remember the moment that I saw this name first, on my TV screen. But since then, this boisterous and passionate lover of Qawwali has always created ripples of immense bliss in my mind, through his magnificent musical expertise.

I began learning more about Sufi music after that TV programme , started hearing more songs of Nusrath and found each of his works, incredible and exceptional.

In his short life Nusrath redefined Qawwali in a remarkable way of his own. On a fruitful merge of traditional music with the west, he performed several tracks that fetched the attention of music lovers from far and wide. This Shahenshah of Qawwali reached the zenith of fame in a short span of time, as the creator of a successful revolution in Qawwali singing. The magnificent blend of khayal singing and techniques with Qawwali, made his singing deeply appealing to many listeners. Even without much knowledge of many of the Urdu words that he used, I always feel a true and undeniable radiance of his singing, whenever I listen to him. The passion and fervor of his voice is undoubtedly terrific, that we too move in close communion with music, with God.

I would never conclude this by mentioning about his death, as he still lives in our hearts through his musical ecstasies.

The loveliest dream that I would always cherish would be receiving a gift that contains the entire collection of the works of Nusrath Fateh Ali Khan.

Piya rey, piya rey, piya rey, piya rey
Tharey bina lageynahee mara jiya rey…
Oh! I would love to hear that again & again!!!

A fractured friendship

A friendship for me is to treat people with a true & loving heart.

But being misunderstood by those, whom you consider close to heart, would be the saddest part of a true companionship. The worse part of is when the receiver perceives a wrong picture of what you say. Your feelings get hurt to the core, no matter the number of times you explain your situation. When it comes about a relationship which you preserve close to your heart, the depth of the injury widens.

I never have the habit of blurting out things, but become badly irritated when a person comes up with a wrong accusation about me. I blurt out spontaneously when I get terribly irritated by getting accused for what I have never dreamt about. It so happed with me these days and that was enough for a fracture in the relation that I had cherished the most.

Even when I know that I have not been the causative factor of the break up, and had tried my best to cope up with it, the pain of being misunderstood still remains, pricking my heart.