A fractured friendship

A friendship for me is to treat people with a true & loving heart.

But being misunderstood by those, whom you consider close to heart, would be the saddest part of a true companionship. The worse part of is when the receiver perceives a wrong picture of what you say. Your feelings get hurt to the core, no matter the number of times you explain your situation. When it comes about a relationship which you preserve close to your heart, the depth of the injury widens.

I never have the habit of blurting out things, but become badly irritated when a person comes up with a wrong accusation about me. I blurt out spontaneously when I get terribly irritated by getting accused for what I have never dreamt about. It so happed with me these days and that was enough for a fracture in the relation that I had cherished the most.

Even when I know that I have not been the causative factor of the break up, and had tried my best to cope up with it, the pain of being misunderstood still remains, pricking my heart.


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