A Musical Euphoria

Nusrath Fateh Ali Khan, I hardly remember the moment that I saw this name first, on my TV screen. But since then, this boisterous and passionate lover of Qawwali has always created ripples of immense bliss in my mind, through his magnificent musical expertise.

I began learning more about Sufi music after that TV programme , started hearing more songs of Nusrath and found each of his works, incredible and exceptional.

In his short life Nusrath redefined Qawwali in a remarkable way of his own. On a fruitful merge of traditional music with the west, he performed several tracks that fetched the attention of music lovers from far and wide. This Shahenshah of Qawwali reached the zenith of fame in a short span of time, as the creator of a successful revolution in Qawwali singing. The magnificent blend of khayal singing and techniques with Qawwali, made his singing deeply appealing to many listeners. Even without much knowledge of many of the Urdu words that he used, I always feel a true and undeniable radiance of his singing, whenever I listen to him. The passion and fervor of his voice is undoubtedly terrific, that we too move in close communion with music, with God.

I would never conclude this by mentioning about his death, as he still lives in our hearts through his musical ecstasies.

The loveliest dream that I would always cherish would be receiving a gift that contains the entire collection of the works of Nusrath Fateh Ali Khan.

Piya rey, piya rey, piya rey, piya rey
Tharey bina lageynahee mara jiya rey…
Oh! I would love to hear that again & again!!!


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