Bravo! Makers of ‘Hello’

The weekend went as usual, with long sleepy mornings and boring evenings. The only thing cheering was the film, “Hello”, that I saw on Sunday afternoon. Well, I won’t call that a great film, but it has a good story, as it reflects certain hard core issues that the youngsters face these days.

I had heard a lot about the book and wanted to own a copy of it, but couldn’t get one. As I had already read many reviews of the book there was an overall sketch of the story and the characters, in my mind.

The movie is quite interesting as it has a diverse set of characters who work in a call centre. The makers of the movie have been successful in depicting the life style, turbulent relationships and issues of the call center employees.

I have never seen much of fascination in the life of call center employees, but for the fat perks and the hyped glamour. I had the chance to attend the interviews conducted by a few established call centers, a few years back, but had to give up the offer as I could learn from the employees, that call centers are not as easy and enjoyable, as per the popular perception.

Even in the midst of the appalling conditions that prevail in call centers, people stick to them mainly coz of the fine payment. But I am sure that there can be many individuals in the call centers, who sacrifice their creativity and talent, coz of the need for money.

The film has simple, clear and realistic characters, may be a bit of fab for the sake of movie making, but I am sure that the characters can be identified in real life. The threats and uncertainties that Shyam and his colleagues Varun, Esha, Radhika, Priyanka & Military uncle face have been presented in a very simple and interesting way.

The phone call from God

This is the most interesting part of the film.

I have my own way of communicating with God. I speak, tell my woes & share my happiness with him, just like I do with ‘J’. Before doing an important work or taking an important step in my life, I do the same with my conscience so as to get the wisest answer.

The same thought has been portrayed in a very exciting way here, when the call from God saves everyone from their troubles.

No jobs are easy and it’s a true reality. But ‘Hello’ (One Night @ The Call Center) is a peep into the puffed up life of new generation, their jobs, attitudes, values and their dreams.

But the film made me wonder on certain things that I found very much illogical, hard to believe. Are Americans really dumb to seek help from us over the phone, to operate an oven or a dishwasher or to defrost a refrigerator? Do they really get doubts, as they started using these stuffs long before Indians knew about it?


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