Listen to them

If I am asked to make a person listen to me, even at least for five minutes, I would be really in trouble. I know that is not as simple as my copy writing works or jotting down my random thoughts. As a teacher, I had experienced the very same dilemma when I used to handle certain dreary topics in my class. I always kept wondering about how to offer my students, an attention- grabbing start, so that they listen to me. May be my imperfect lexicon, I had to work really hard for that. It made think about the secret behind the gripping words of certain people , that always unleash their magical power and reverberate beyond barriers.

I rarely had the chances of meeting or listening to such renowned figures in my life. Among the very few I have met and listened to , I always try to remember the people who have instigated my curiosity and interest.

One among them is Mr: Sudhakar Jayaram, CEO of Amritha TV, one of the leading entertainment channels in South India. After a long journey through a few global organizations that include Bank of America, his return in 2004 marked a new epoch in the sector of entertainment channels, as he took up the post of CEO in Amritha TV.

I remember the first time that I saw him on screen, at the grand finale of a leading reality show conducted by the channel. I expected a very snobbish and high-funda speech as he holds one of the key positions of the channel, but it happened the other way round. I heard the true voice of a down to earth person, with immense visions and a perfect mission in his life.

His vibrant words and smile reflected the overflowing positive attitude in him and I saw that an interest had started mounting up among the listeners, who hardly noticed the words of the other so called celebrity figures.

An ardent devotee of Mata Amritanandamayi, Mr: Jayaram’s words had many motivating messages that he had received from her. May be a man of few words, he stopped soon!

I really wanted to listen to him, hear more from him, but couldn’t.

After the program I searched in for his write ups & interviews with him, but was disappointed as I couldn’t get much.


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