Guns reply

Does a gun give a satisfactory reply to the problems that you have? Does that really end your troubles and tribulations? If a big No is your answer, then what is the point in trying to sort out your issues with a gun?

I really wanted to ask this question to every American, as the fire arm culture is mounting day by day in US. Even today I saw the newspaper report of a guy who killed his wife and her cousin for a family issue that could have easily been solved inside the four walls of the house.

Why do people end up in such wretched situations where they respond with gunshots?

It seems too easy to get a gun there, that people have started giving reply to every issue, in gun shots. I feel that the right to own a fire arm has been firmly rooted in every American psyche that it has now become immovable. The government should really curb the buying of guns coz handguns and semi- automatic pistols that have now become a part and parcel of their lives. If it is not done , this gun culture is going to ruin them , I bet.

Reports show that hand guns have even started dominating the homicide status in US, the recent example of an Indian who killed his family and committed suicide coz of the financial loss that he faced, due to recession in US economy.

More mayhems have occurred in US classrooms, the deadliest too was faced by US, in the shooting rampage at Virginia Tech University. Still people walk around with guns, in ease, killing whoever they want to.

Do guns really protect people from criminality?

This widespread belief may be one of the reasons of increased gun ownership in US. But this reason turns out to be a motive for the misuse of arms. A gun slowly turns out to be the solution for every haunting problem of man. A financial turmoil, an office issue, a quarrel with the wife; people try to solve out everything with guns.

Can’t there be another way of solving things? There is not even a single issue in the world that cannot be solved. But a reply with guns makes things worse, leading to a total disaster and ruin, bring agony for many.


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