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Adieu 2008

2008 on a closing note…. In fact I was trying to do a rewind of the ‘eventful year’ that I had. It is almost messy… Uh! ya, I began my copy writing journey, actually that’s the most important one from 2008, the transformation of mine to a full time writer & my scuffle with keywords to make every website Google friendly ….. A handful of good works that I wrote for my company (a few boring ones too that I purposefully forget, ha ha ha!!!) & of course my musings that brought me some valuable comments about my writing.

Life in the city… a real make over; even my food habits have changed … samosa chats & pav bhajis infiltrated in to my menu… hmm!!! they are yummy (thanks to ‘S’).

….but still not successful in acquiring the vanity of the metro, may be next year !

….hostels and the stinking back biting stories …god! really bad time that was, but got some lessons for a safer metro life….

My joyful days in the previous office… sudden transfer to an entirely new ambiance…

‘J’ quarreled again, really serious this time, has been on a silent mode since then…

My reading habit getting corroded day by day. Actually I have a new hobby now, to find out how to sleep late & sleep more, which has produced instantaneous results in the form of small under eye bags.

The tumultuous year has given me a lot more, but as I said, it’s too much messy to recollect every bright and dark ones….A routine tour, but a bit cheerless towards the end…

But me signing off in hope, Wishing all of happy and prosperous 2009.

Will come back soon with more musings.

Agonies Unsaid

We had been to the temple yesterday to give our annual offerings and took a handful of jaggery with us, as we knew very well that our Balakrishnan (Hey! It’s the elephant in our temple) likes jaggery. After the ceremony, as I was about to take the jaggery to give him, a lady (guess she is the sweeper of the temple) came hurriedly and took it away. I told her that it was for the elephant, but she skipped, giving a lame excuse .The jaggery might have been sold for a lesser price than what I indented.

Tears rolled down my eyes as I saw him leaving the temple, in to the hot sun, with his aching legs, and those stout pot bellied priests on his top. His legs were cross chained…

Guys, are gods really adamant that they need an elephant safari, to bless the devotees? Or are the priests enjoying an elephant ride in the name of gods or is it a version of sadism? This is really a perplexing subject that I have been thinking right from my childhood. If gods are not obstinate about the need of an elephant, why should that poor animal be kept chained in temples, to endure all the pains? I write this with much anguish, as I always see the torture that has been inflicted upon the elephant in our temple. He is a true symbol of the endless agonies that the elephants in the temples of Kerala face.

Actually why do these elephants of Kerala go berserk often? Has anyone thought about this? The answer is quite simple. Long & exhausting walks along hot tarred roads or a standstill in the blazing sun for hours, irritating ornamental loads on the trunks along with the idols & priests on top, chains piercing fresh wounds on their feet, no proper food & water & the mahout’s long spike ever set to pierce their raw flesh. Had a human being been put in chains like this, what would have happened? I am sure; he would go berserk killing others. Then why blame an elephant!

Even during the rest period many of them are denied good food, water & medicinal therapy, left to get mutilated in the enclosure of the mad crowd.

… yet they adorn our galas without any protest…

It’s Christmas Time

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful – Norman Vincent Peale

Merry Christmas to all of you.

Enjoy and have fun with cakes, carols and a lot of booze.

Me brooding on my new project to make it SEO-friendly.

Christmas party – I need to go home today and plan something with my dear sis:

Girls Only

Taking me to a girl’s school was my dad’s decision. May b coz he wanted his daughter to be meticulous in studies & acquire all the so called traits needed for a perfect mallu girl. Poor dad! coz I couldn’t rise according to his expectations, as I got molded the other way round. I learned all the naughtiness that I can, that too from a girls only school, remaining as a very average student in all the classes. My school days were really fantastic, as I never missed a moment to have pleasurable times. Classes, cultural programs, strikes by political parties (later the government banned politics in schools, Sad!), whatever it be, we the girls gang had absolute fun every moment.

The presence of a boy’s school, a stone throw away from ours, was the wittiest of all. During lunch break they used to climb the tree near by to see the all girls gang roaming around the ground. Some of my friends had silly crushes (serious romances they say) too. But I was keener on giving befitting replies to the wayward comments that the guys made. Boyish me, said my friends, but I never cared that.

Studies went on as normal and average as it used to be and some how managed to complete my school days, without shocking my dad.

May be as a last attempt, he asked me to join the nearby women’s college. Again girls only! I was on an attempt to make a war there, but my clever mind said, “Dude, it is better to enjoy in a women’s college than struggling yourself in between the guys of a mixed college”. Half – heartedly I agreed with my dad’s option. Joined for my PUC in the leading women’s college and there began another wonderful time of my life. I spent almost 7+ years in that college, as a student and teacher.I remained the very same all throughout these years and never acquired any of those characters that my dad had expected.

Creativity & Silence

As I get glued to my dwellings very easily, I never find it much difficult to move from one place to another, officially or personally. The sour and indigestible days in the two hostels where I had been, has fine-tuned my mind and body, to get accustomed to the changing situations. But this new official abode and me, gosh! We are poles apart. I have never seen such a place, truly lonesome. Actually on hearing about this shift, the first thing that came to my mind was this scary & noiseless office and the speechless faces that I had seen once, on my visit.

I reached there on time, the next day and was allotted a seat in the corner, along with three others who were not even bothered about the presence of a stranger (The chemistry of their silence and concentration is yet to be revealed) .Expecting at least a formal “Hai” would be impractical here, said my mind; but one among them said. “Thank god!” A feeling flashed through me, at least one is alive .Others fixed their drooping eyes on the monitors; true techies.

I began my work, but couldn’t move at least one step ahead for some time. I felt that I have landed in an alien planet. Even my breath was getting chocked, in between the odd machine like humans.

Somehow I managed doing the work, and left the place. The next day too was no better than the first day, but slowly I started getting attuned to my new dwelling.

May be coz my creativity has now started working out in .NET or PHP codes.