When terror is marketed in Mumbai

A big catch for the Indian media & the politicians. Really sarcastic too see the vicious reporting hungamas, and the sadistic rhetoric sensations telecasted in the various channels ! To tell you more; why should I fill this page with those cliched statements that have lost its identity, but it seemed really heartbreaking to see how media and politicians were trying to publicize it for their own gains.

The sad demises of about 180 people, the terror filled hours that the hostages have underwent, the pain of the people who have lost their dear and near ones, children like Moshe who are orphaned, people who are struggling for their lives, in the hospitals, the losses are uncountable. But no one seems really bothered about these.

It was really pitiable to see the footage that showed the chief minister on a holiday tour to the Taj Hotel, with sons and a noted film maker, a deputy chief minister who portrayed the traumatic incident as an insignificant one. And finally a few media people, who were keen on taking advantage of the terror and anguish of the common man so as to raise the viewership of the respective channels.

What more can a common man get from them?

I think its better not to think about this question any more.


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