Where has that anger and fury gone?

After those heartbreaking moments in Mumbai, public was really furious at the government and demanded accountability from the key positions. At every interview that I saw in the leading channels, they were raising countless questions at the government and the various reasons for not providing enough security to their life. I really felt that some strong action from the government might happen this time.

But where has all that gone. The blaze that arose swiftly in them came down in no time. Mumbai turned normal and so did the people, except for those who’s dear and near ones are no more. Life started moving in the same pace as it used to be, CST is again jam-packed with passengers and so is the other streets, where terror danced days back.

May be a rewind of that tear-jerking night would happen in the mind of mumbaikars , when they see the Taj or Trident, clad in black shade ,due to the fire and bombings.

Friends, we have again proved ourselves, that we are least bothered about whatever is happening around us, unless that disaster happens to one from our family.

To conclude,

M.S Dhoni will get Z category security from the government.

“Be happy Dhoni, at least you can walk gladly through places were we fear to even step in these days”

Well, what more to say?


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