Creativity & Silence

As I get glued to my dwellings very easily, I never find it much difficult to move from one place to another, officially or personally. The sour and indigestible days in the two hostels where I had been, has fine-tuned my mind and body, to get accustomed to the changing situations. But this new official abode and me, gosh! We are poles apart. I have never seen such a place, truly lonesome. Actually on hearing about this shift, the first thing that came to my mind was this scary & noiseless office and the speechless faces that I had seen once, on my visit.

I reached there on time, the next day and was allotted a seat in the corner, along with three others who were not even bothered about the presence of a stranger (The chemistry of their silence and concentration is yet to be revealed) .Expecting at least a formal “Hai” would be impractical here, said my mind; but one among them said. “Thank god!” A feeling flashed through me, at least one is alive .Others fixed their drooping eyes on the monitors; true techies.

I began my work, but couldn’t move at least one step ahead for some time. I felt that I have landed in an alien planet. Even my breath was getting chocked, in between the odd machine like humans.

Somehow I managed doing the work, and left the place. The next day too was no better than the first day, but slowly I started getting attuned to my new dwelling.

May be coz my creativity has now started working out in .NET or PHP codes.


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