Girls Only

Taking me to a girl’s school was my dad’s decision. May b coz he wanted his daughter to be meticulous in studies & acquire all the so called traits needed for a perfect mallu girl. Poor dad! coz I couldn’t rise according to his expectations, as I got molded the other way round. I learned all the naughtiness that I can, that too from a girls only school, remaining as a very average student in all the classes. My school days were really fantastic, as I never missed a moment to have pleasurable times. Classes, cultural programs, strikes by political parties (later the government banned politics in schools, Sad!), whatever it be, we the girls gang had absolute fun every moment.

The presence of a boy’s school, a stone throw away from ours, was the wittiest of all. During lunch break they used to climb the tree near by to see the all girls gang roaming around the ground. Some of my friends had silly crushes (serious romances they say) too. But I was keener on giving befitting replies to the wayward comments that the guys made. Boyish me, said my friends, but I never cared that.

Studies went on as normal and average as it used to be and some how managed to complete my school days, without shocking my dad.

May be as a last attempt, he asked me to join the nearby women’s college. Again girls only! I was on an attempt to make a war there, but my clever mind said, “Dude, it is better to enjoy in a women’s college than struggling yourself in between the guys of a mixed college”. Half – heartedly I agreed with my dad’s option. Joined for my PUC in the leading women’s college and there began another wonderful time of my life. I spent almost 7+ years in that college, as a student and teacher.I remained the very same all throughout these years and never acquired any of those characters that my dad had expected.


6 responses

  1. Sorry Arun …wrong guess.but thanks for the comment.

  2. In fact it was a comment for comment’s sake, but as I explored further I found more interesting posts. The one about misunderstandings, the process of writing and so on…Keep on.

  3. i remember those good old days..:)

  4. i remember those good old days..:)

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