Adieu 2008

2008 on a closing note…. In fact I was trying to do a rewind of the ‘eventful year’ that I had. It is almost messy… Uh! ya, I began my copy writing journey, actually that’s the most important one from 2008, the transformation of mine to a full time writer & my scuffle with keywords to make every website Google friendly ….. A handful of good works that I wrote for my company (a few boring ones too that I purposefully forget, ha ha ha!!!) & of course my musings that brought me some valuable comments about my writing.

Life in the city… a real make over; even my food habits have changed … samosa chats & pav bhajis infiltrated in to my menu… hmm!!! they are yummy (thanks to ‘S’).

….but still not successful in acquiring the vanity of the metro, may be next year !

….hostels and the stinking back biting stories …god! really bad time that was, but got some lessons for a safer metro life….

My joyful days in the previous office… sudden transfer to an entirely new ambiance…

‘J’ quarreled again, really serious this time, has been on a silent mode since then…

My reading habit getting corroded day by day. Actually I have a new hobby now, to find out how to sleep late & sleep more, which has produced instantaneous results in the form of small under eye bags.

The tumultuous year has given me a lot more, but as I said, it’s too much messy to recollect every bright and dark ones….A routine tour, but a bit cheerless towards the end…

But me signing off in hope, Wishing all of happy and prosperous 2009.

Will come back soon with more musings.


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