Yummy Pastries & Some Prayerful Moments…A Joyful New Year Party

My previous New Year Eves were usually filled with those usual, boring TV programs telecasted enthusiastically by the leading channels. Something different this time, in our hostel.

As our hostel warden announced the prayer meeting in the chapel at 11.45 pm, the first thing that I thought about was coziness of my bed that I would miss for those 30 minutes. God! I was feeling damn irritated.

Back in my room, I protested by switching of the lights, snuggling down into my pillow & drifting to sleep. My dear roommate might have wondered seeing this madness, but that’s how my mind goes crazy when I am annoyed.

Reason unknown, but I woke up suddenly at 11.30 and couldn’t sleep after that. My friends were getting ready for the prayer. I languidly woke up and saw a pastry party getting ready in our room. We polished off all the chocolate pastries in no time. Yummy pastries at midnight!

As I had almost lost sleep, I went to chapel with my friends. A long walk in the wintry night! We prayed till 12, went to mess hall and had a small party there too. By the time my mobile was getting crammed with New Year messages and missed calls (except J’s), answered one by one and slipped in to the lap of sleep by 2 am.


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