Beware, doubts are injurious!!!

As I told you, I have started getting attuned to my new official dwelling. It is almost getting well-set to my mind and body. Among the petite matters that bothers me is Mr. Pride…… Hazy? Its non disclosure agreement pal, so let him be Mr. Pride coz I want to be on the safer side. He is one among the so called higher-ranking category of techies, the seniors – the most supreme class. But unfortunately, helping others is something missing from his glossary, especially when the person who needs it is unluckily not a member of his team. As I was clubbed in to his group for an assignment, I never felt that I was about to land in deep trouble.

When I ask him a doubt regarding any of the technical aspects, that are totally Greek and Latin to me, he makes me feel as if I have done a heinous and unpardonable crime. With a mockery or a sarcastic comment, he would sadistically scoff at my ignorance, that too among a group, making me shrink to puny. Ignorant me!!! I would remain speechless, what else to do? But now that the information has dawned belatedly, yet without causing much distress, I will be extremely cautious here after.


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