Too exhausted these days

I am really getting tons of work these days; content writing & uploading, one after the other that I get really dog-tired by the time I leave my office. I reach my den at the corner of the city by 6.30pm; but won’t even have the energy to walk. Dragging me towards my room on the third floor, the first thing that I would do is to lie on my bed for some time, eyes closed, letting off the day’s official and un-official troubles. By the time I regain the energy to walk, I will have to go through the long tedious process of having a bath.

Honestly, I hate taking baths these days even though I know that it can make me a little more comfortable. The thought of going through the long process of cleansing my body makes me feel really lazy. But I have to, at least for my room mate who won’t tolerate the dust and dirt of the city. She has too much of hygienic sense that at times that I get really pissed off. Someway I will finish off the process of bathing and snuggle myself cozily on my bed but the bell from the mess hall would disrupt my comfort. As we get food only till 8.30pm, I set off to the mess hall to satisfy my stomach.

The next agenda is to call my parents; usual call, usual topics and usual timing.

Had your food?

What did u have? …..etc….

Actually the conversation is almost stored in the database of my mind and hardly needs change.
And now it’s sleeping time. I happily switch off the lights and snuggle down on my pillow, but darling mosquitoes start their action soon. Actually I feel they have become really healthier these days as they never miss a chance to enjoy the flavor of my blood.

After a battle with the mosquito army I wearily drift to sleep by 11 or 12 pm.


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