Mr: Pride strikes again

It was a BAD MORNING friends,

Another work with the bossy Mr: Pride was awaiting me. A document with purely technological stuffs, codes and things came via my official mail. I literally felt dizzy on seeing the long page of puzzling document. Hesitantly I woke up to ask him about it (a clone of an article already published). Even without looking at me he yelled,”A copy writer is supposed to know everything under the sun or else leave your job”.

God! Why am I getting more works with Mr: Pride? Well, I might have done something really sinful for that, because the more I try to be enduring, hearing his smugness, the more he pours offensive remarks.

I have never seen a nastiest person like him. With an irritated shrug he showered that wounding remark at me, sat back and relaxed as if he won an encounter with some one. I forgot about my doubts and walked back to my seat mutely. Later I re-wrote the whole stuff in my own method and submitted it to my superior.

You know why I remain tolerant and silent at Mr: Pride’s words, coz I really feel sympathy for his lack of maturity and professionalism. But how long am I going to bear this? I donno.


2 responses

  1. It’s better to maintain a calm nature than being angry. :). Thanks for the comment

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