The countdown

“It’s a two month’s trip”. When ‘J’ told me about his plans, I was thinking about the changes in my daily routine that I need to adopt to make a way out of his absence. This being his usual official trip, every year, it was never a shocker, yet the fact that I would miss his calls and messages, was creeping deeper in to my brain. Well, we hardly meet or hang out; but he keeps in touch with me every moment he can & shares some good moments. (Thanks to internet and social networking sites for gifting a good friendship)

It’ s never a picture-perfect so called filmy sort of relation guys, coz we do make a lot of fusses too; about a lot of things in life, serious arguments at times, that may last for quite some time. However we forget it very soon.

Well, as far as the two long months are concerned, the first idea that stuck my mind was to get a laptop and an internet connection so that I can contact him after my work. But my average bank balance would literally shrink to puny, if I go for an attempt of that sort. What else now? It’s just his phone calls; that too when he is free, and the offline messages in my Yahoo chat.

As he is at the other end of the globe, the timings of the phone calls too almost clashes with my office time. But even in the midst of his busy schedules ‘J’ always finds time to inquire about me and my works. In this snobbish world of snooty relationships ‘J’ becomes unique because of his unconditional care and love for his friends.


2 responses

  1. J seems like a nice guy amd if you would miss him so much, buying a laptop with net connection would be a better idea.., 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment. I still have my plans to buy one, but income vs. expense won’t get balanced if I buy one now. Sad! But true. It’s recession everywhere. 😦

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