My short term pleasures

My nostalgia has turned to be a reality; being back to my previous workplace. I am enjoying every moment here and love this place and the wonderful people here. Even with a tedious neckbreaker project that had almost taken me to the verge of tears on my birth day, due to some weird decisions of the techies, I still feel comfortable here, compared to the estranged one. My god! It’s better to be here with my tight schedules than to have some scoffing comments and suffer from weird looks.

If you ask me the most interesting part of being here, my reflex would be my eventful evening walks down the street after office hours, something which I really enjoy. My office being far from the bus stop, I need a 15 minutes’ walk to reach there. This being one of the busiest areas of the city, I can see different types of people moving up and down our street. From the high class snobs to the commoners I see a lot of people here day after day, and love to watch certain oddities in a few of them, that brings the element of amusement for others. Even though cars and scooters of my lovely colleagues are ever set for a pick up, I purposefully avoid it in the guise of a health conscious person who makes it a point to walk a few kilometers a day.

The exciting part of my stroll is the bhelpuriwala whom I meet near the junction. His make-shift shop comes to our street by that time, filled with a lot of appetizers and snacks which are incredibly delicious.

There was a time in my life were my hygienic sense measured very much above par that I used to wash my plates twice or thrice before having food. And now I love to have those yummy chats and bhelpuris that I get from him. A wonderful transformation!!! From the utmost to the least, in hygienic sense! But a plate of hot, yummy samosa chat and a cup of coffee, watching the bustling crowd, after my tiring, yet happy days, it gives me some nice moments and hence I never bother to remember that I buy it from the street.

For a change, once I bought the same from a hi-fi cafeteria of our city, but donno why, that doesn’t taste the one which I get from the bhelpuriwala.

……… An interim happiness, till I go back to ennui of the techie world…….

P.S -‘J’, has reached his dream city and draped himself in his hectic office schedules that he hardly gets even a proper sleep. So I don’t make much messy chats and calls.


4 responses

  1. I’m 100% with you, bhelpuriwalas are far better than Hi-fi cafeterias unless you don’t mind their method of washing plates… Just dip in a bucket of dirty water… But the taste is worth taking the risk 🙂

  2. That’s true.Thanks 4 the comment.

  3. I find you blog quite interesting. Keep it up

  4. Thanks 4 the comment Rajen.

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