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I read a good book

I have almost finished reading PS: I love you and am quite doomed in the world of Holly and Gerry. Finally, after a couple of months, I got a book that’s quite interesting, with an unknown power that made me turn the pages one after the other, closing the eyes to the time factor.

Three- fourth of my day ends-up in the office, and by the time I reach back to my hostel, I really rush for to grab hold of something that can bring me back to the world of normalcy. Thus got the book from ‘B’ and had some nice time making me think deeply about my loved ones.

Honestly, I was too much fixed in to it the book that I really missed my dear ones.

Well, to sum up, A nice book worth reading. I am on the hunt for the movie. Hope will get soon.

PS – I am really loving it!

P S I Love You… the title of the book seemed a little awkward to me, when ‘B’ handed over the book . I had asked her to get me a good book so that I can happily spend my after-office hours. But I was feeling a little uneasy with the title, as it sounded like a Mills and Boons story, and hence wanted to return it without reading. But donno, why, may be introduction that she gave about the book, well… reason unknown …I took it to my room.

My eyes got struck first at the catchy synopsis first. It read as follows

“Holly couldn’t live without her husband Gerry, until the day she had to. They were the kind of young couple who could finish each other’s sentences. When Gerry succumbs to a terminal illness and dies, 30-year-old Holly is set adrift, unable to pick up the pieces. But with the help of a series of letters her husband left her before he died and a little nudging from an eccentric assortment of family and friends, she learns to laugh, overcome her fears, and discover a world she never knew existed. The kind of enchanting novel with cross-generational appeal that comes along once in a great while, PS, I Love You is a captivating love letter to the world!”

The basis of the book sounded nice to me. Holly’s (the lead female) husband, Gerry, dies from a brain tumor and leaves her some envelopes to open every month. Gerry’s letters make her feel his presence in her life. To be frank, the start off was a bit dragging and took some time for me to get in to the world of Holly, but I was engrossed when she started getting the letters of her husband Gerry. I really liked Gerry, especially the flashbacks and the letters that he leaves for his dear wife. Gerry is a really cute, caring and loving guy, who cares for his wife a lot. As far as his nature is concerned, well… well… it sounded a little bit idealistic concept that would rarely become practical these days. I told the same to ‘B’ and she laughed saying ‘It’s a story dear, don’t go for too much of analysis, read and enjoy!’ I went back to the world of Holly.

Through the letters, which are his own way of letting her know he will always be there for her, Gerry sets his presence throughout the pages. Each letter becomes a new experience for Holly. The most passionate part of those letters is the similarity in the way Gerry signs off: “P.S. I Love You.”

The life of Holly and Gerry is really touching, heartfelt and will make us think about the people I love, even more. It’s really interesting to see how Holly tries learning to live on her own and finding happiness, from a great loss.

It’s making me laugh, making me cry, making me think about my dear ones; it’s making me so desperate to read the book the sooner…

So lemme go back. See you soon guys!

My Valentine’s Day thoughts

Another Valentine’s Day, the much fêted day of the lovers and the loved ones! In fact do we really need such a day to express the art of true love? Do all share this sincerely or become a part of the group that they belong to. Contradictory to its much celebrated greatness, this day has stooped down to the state of exchanging some expensive cards which brings material value to those who are the propagators of the art. A mere pretentiousness of the so called ‘true-love’!

Valentine’s Day, which has shrunk to mere exchanging of expensive cards and gifts and conducting parties, should be rejuvenated to know the sharing of true love and togetherness, imparting understanding and aiding companionship, than ending in gifts, cards, parties and booze. A million dollar fortune for the business class of the city who drain the outer sheath of the heart! It’s unbelievable to see people squander money in this name, when the world is in the tragic course of financial recession where velocity of progress is negative.

Just think about pink slips in place of pay slips!Hey! Hey! Hey! Don’t be irritated by my words, leave all your pretentions and try to make Valentine’s Day to your taste. All the best guys! Get going!

Love is not materialistic and hence a transaction in material value looks ……………… Up to you!

Blogging blogging…

The CPU of my brain used to relate the term ‘blog’, only with the timely updates of my musings, as well as some simple ones that I do as a part of my official work. But now I have taken a little bolder step and started writing some real technical blogs. Please!!! Don’t be under the very false notion that these stuffs come from the superb brain of mine. It’s all at the mercy of the handful of tech blog related sites that I am supposed to read daily, as this ‘grand work’ has to be done as a part of official work. Thus the once driven away terms like .NET, JAVA, PHP, JOOMLA etc, have started clinging to me now as I have tamed them again, to have a standard blog, which is ‘criticism-free’. Frankly speaking, I never liked these terms albeit I have managed to complete my training in .NET programming. Don’t ask me how coz it’s still a secret to those who know me.

It seems I am able to handle my blog sessions well, hook or by crook, as they manage to maintain an average rating, making my boss contented. Thank God!

My routine after work activities include hearing the songs from my mobile, the chatterboxes in FM, and some books, managing to fill a vacuum. But life still goes merrily.

A Timely Updation

Yesterday ‘S’ asked me the reason for not updating my blog. In fact, it has been quite a long time that I thought of my blog. I seriously thought that things would slow down a bit this week, but works are clinging to me soon these days, cramming a major share of my brain, making me inexplicably busy. As recession has hit almost every sector, giving pink slips to many, I focus more on my survival these days, than my creativity. Do I need to set blogs on weekly basis? Donno. To be frank I don’t have time even for the regular chats with my colleagues or to call ‘J’ or even to see a sweet dream. Then how will I get time to update my blog!

With tight office schedules, last week fumed off as usual; with my shuttling between office and hostel, and barely getting time even to look at the delectable samosa chats from our bhelpuriwala. Damn tired after lengthy content writing jobs, the only thinking that flashes in my mind is a comfortable couch. So I much on all head towards the junction to catch the early bus and reach my room. Still I get struck up in the mad traffic blocks much often. All this doesn’t have much to do with my creative mind, but all that I need is a little free time to scribble my thoughts.