A Timely Updation

Yesterday ‘S’ asked me the reason for not updating my blog. In fact, it has been quite a long time that I thought of my blog. I seriously thought that things would slow down a bit this week, but works are clinging to me soon these days, cramming a major share of my brain, making me inexplicably busy. As recession has hit almost every sector, giving pink slips to many, I focus more on my survival these days, than my creativity. Do I need to set blogs on weekly basis? Donno. To be frank I don’t have time even for the regular chats with my colleagues or to call ‘J’ or even to see a sweet dream. Then how will I get time to update my blog!

With tight office schedules, last week fumed off as usual; with my shuttling between office and hostel, and barely getting time even to look at the delectable samosa chats from our bhelpuriwala. Damn tired after lengthy content writing jobs, the only thinking that flashes in my mind is a comfortable couch. So I much on all head towards the junction to catch the early bus and reach my room. Still I get struck up in the mad traffic blocks much often. All this doesn’t have much to do with my creative mind, but all that I need is a little free time to scribble my thoughts.


2 responses

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