Blogging blogging…

The CPU of my brain used to relate the term ‘blog’, only with the timely updates of my musings, as well as some simple ones that I do as a part of my official work. But now I have taken a little bolder step and started writing some real technical blogs. Please!!! Don’t be under the very false notion that these stuffs come from the superb brain of mine. It’s all at the mercy of the handful of tech blog related sites that I am supposed to read daily, as this ‘grand work’ has to be done as a part of official work. Thus the once driven away terms like .NET, JAVA, PHP, JOOMLA etc, have started clinging to me now as I have tamed them again, to have a standard blog, which is ‘criticism-free’. Frankly speaking, I never liked these terms albeit I have managed to complete my training in .NET programming. Don’t ask me how coz it’s still a secret to those who know me.

It seems I am able to handle my blog sessions well, hook or by crook, as they manage to maintain an average rating, making my boss contented. Thank God!

My routine after work activities include hearing the songs from my mobile, the chatterboxes in FM, and some books, managing to fill a vacuum. But life still goes merrily.


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