My Valentine’s Day thoughts

Another Valentine’s Day, the much fêted day of the lovers and the loved ones! In fact do we really need such a day to express the art of true love? Do all share this sincerely or become a part of the group that they belong to. Contradictory to its much celebrated greatness, this day has stooped down to the state of exchanging some expensive cards which brings material value to those who are the propagators of the art. A mere pretentiousness of the so called ‘true-love’!

Valentine’s Day, which has shrunk to mere exchanging of expensive cards and gifts and conducting parties, should be rejuvenated to know the sharing of true love and togetherness, imparting understanding and aiding companionship, than ending in gifts, cards, parties and booze. A million dollar fortune for the business class of the city who drain the outer sheath of the heart! It’s unbelievable to see people squander money in this name, when the world is in the tragic course of financial recession where velocity of progress is negative.

Just think about pink slips in place of pay slips!Hey! Hey! Hey! Don’t be irritated by my words, leave all your pretentions and try to make Valentine’s Day to your taste. All the best guys! Get going!

Love is not materialistic and hence a transaction in material value looks ……………… Up to you!


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