Happy Journey ‘S’

When people close to your heart leave you, even though not intentionally, it really hurts. But it’s how things go in life. There will be an endless list of friendships that you have you made, got connected with, and then departed from life, remaining as some wonderful memories; I’ve had plenty of those…… with ‘BN’, whose thoughts are still hurting me. I still donno whether both of us had shown justice to our friendship…. Well, it’s all the hurting memories that I never try to share with anyone. Why upset others needlessly? Now I am almost fine with my work, with ‘J’s friendship, with the ever busy metro and my life here.

Oops! I am deviating! It’s a week of departure here, in my office. S’ my team mate is leaving the firm, to join her hubby, in Saudi. Now I am the only soul left in the writing team which had 5 members, when I joined. Actually I want her to be happy with her hubby and his family there, but it’s so hard to get close to someone and then to let go, and with ‘S’ who is a really sweet friend, it’s really difficult. Usually we give promises to each other that we would keep in touch, but the hard core fact that life is too busy, should never be ignored. The promises, most of the time, cannot be fulfilled due to our busy day-to-day life. No one can be blamed for that.

Guys, some of you may find this pointless as to why people bother to love, of any kind, be it friendship, love……. But what’s life never knowing how to love and care for your dear ones! ‘S’ is really dear to me.



2 responses

  1. thanks da.. u were a big support for me here, right from juggling with key words to writing mind numbing PPCs to listening to my personal dilemmas, u been one hell of a friend ..be sure of one thing, eventhough we mightnot be meeting regularly online, i will be religiously reading ur blogs .. :)ISPG’s own meta rani, u rock !!

  2. Thanks a lot for those lovely words. U r such a dear, loving and understanding friend; a person beyond all these adjectives! Will b missing u a lot! B happy! God bless!!!

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