Needs an assignment to come back!

As I have finished the tasks allotted for me this week, I am free to go for some freaky thoughts today. Rather than an effort to tell you some imaginative stuff that would carry a hell of exaggerations, it would be good if I tell you something about myself, about certain strange philosophies of mine.Me…Who am I? I would say a schizophrenic girl at times, who tries her best to make her mind feel that she is in a utopian, happy world; amid all the sadness that she bears. I love doing that because it lessens my problems. But as I have the most exclusive gift of coming back to normalcy I don’t find it much difficult in dealing day to day issues. People do ask me why I remain aloof from others, at times. It’s nothing, just because, I love to be alone then.

My family; I share an indefinable bondage with them , but at times it seems as if I was born and was brought up to get married.

Me and friendship; I have some wonderful friends, but not that intimate, as I have always kept a distance from every one. I am sure that question ‘Why?’ would arise in your mind? It’s from the experienced fact that too much of intimacy can be harmful these days. The materialistic world of today would make you give all that you have and in return you get only pricking agonies to fill in your heart. The supposed ‘friends’ would use the most cordial words in the lexis, to make you live in a make-believe world and would desert you when things don’t get along as how they want it to be. Me and ‘J’; well, he is someone with a difference yet there is a vacuum at certain places of our relation. May be because of my supposed prejudice about friendship! I really don’t know

My office; my days starts well and ends weird. That’s how a corporate world is, say my team leader. May be! The weirdest of all would be a day that starts with some unknown depressing feelings, which usually rise from my heart, early morning, with absolutely no gains. The writer in me suddenly gets frozen; as words gets chocked somewhere in my throat, and the situation suddenly turns out nightmarish when someone makes my day a hell with scoffing remarks about my contents, ending my day with a bad headache.

Me and my thoughts never end up with these! It will go on until someone turns up with a work for me!


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