Its election time again

The melodrama began. Familiar faces are back for curtain rise, at my door once again, begging for votes, promising a utopia. I am not scoffing the prestigious democratic system of my country. What did they do in their previous term?

Underdevelopment had pushed my town 10years back in progress. No good roads, no proper traffic system, insufficient water supply, and lack of proper drainage system… the list is endless. Over to it the rates of crimes have tripled making our lives superlatively miserable.

It has been same and will be again, whoever rules. A “whatever, who cares” attitude is not just in a democratic world, but previous experiences started making me think so. I am also aware that if I don’t vote I really have no right to complain about government’s decisions which I cannot bear. If I cast my vote or not, things are not going to change. Should I vote against my conscience? Yet to find an answer…


2 responses

  1. I dont think it would make a difference,all the promises of good roads and jobs and all that will just go down the drain.. Write poetry

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