Tulips, Plath and Me

Tulips; I always love to see them for their indecipherable beauty and charm. I love to collect the pictures of Tulips. In fact I came to know about them after reading one of the noted poems of Sylvia Plath; one among the well-known confessional poets.The poem was a part of my graduate studies. Although it had much to do with the poetesses’ personal life, touched with a shade of melancholia, I liked the way it’s interwoven with the concept of Tulips. I started searching more for the term and found them to be the true epitome of the beauty of nature. Shaded in purple and pink, they adorn the early spring time. But we get an entirely diverse perspective after reading the poem of Plath. A segment of her consciousness is kept open before the readers; a vivid contrast between the concept of Tulips in our heart and the concept of Plath, the way she has entwine d it with her depression, after a miscarriage (Click http://www.sylviaplathforum.com/tulips.html to read the poem)I started reading more works of Plath, but used to wonder at the peculiar themes that she handled, like ‘suicide, self-loathing, Nazis, shock treatment, dysfunctional relationships’ etc…Later I came to know about the mystery of her suicide & her mental illness ( bipolar disorder , says experts), when Tessy ma’m told about her life; while she was teaching the poems. Plath, her poems and her struggle with clinical depression always generates a feeling of deep pathos in my heart. The genre of confessional poetry had many great writers later on, but no one rose to the iconic status that Plath still enjoys, years after her death.

PS – Yesterday, as I was reading the newspaper, I was shocked to see the news that Plath’s son Nicholas Hughes, a noted marine biologist, hung himself at his home in Alaska. If the shocking deaths of Plath and Assia Wevill flashes doubts about the tendency of poets toward suicide, Nicholas Hughes’ death emphasize the ongoing debate over the connection of genetics and suicide tendency. Nick was a baby when his mother died of depression.

The death of Nick, latest among the recurring nightmares, has added an extra tragic chapter to a family history that has been haunted by melancholy and depression, for two generations.

Both Nick and Frieda(his sister) had to live in the shadows of the tragic aftermath of their mother’s death, facing a lot of rumors throughout their life. But I wish that Nick’s death will not be doomed in to the whirlpool of mere gossip and sensationalism leaving Frieda, the surviving member of the family, in intense agony.


2 responses

  1. i love tulips too…one of those flowers which come in different colors n variety…in fact i have some tulip shots with me too. i have posted one in my flickr blog too. nice post. was good reading ’bout it.

  2. Yet another striking similarity between us!!!

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