Indigestible Realities!

Making soap serials have become out-of-date these days with ‘Reality Shows’… I am talking about ‘MTV Splitsville’, the worst that I have ever seen!’The long tale of bitching, back biting, and love affairs …the rage and the adrenalin pumping…

I am bored to death with the entire bitching saga; I think MTV producers need to sit back and think about the torture that they inflict upon the viewers!

The girls bitch, back stab and do whatever it takes to save them from the dumping zone. They get a notable bit of screen space and fame; actively participating in the nasty circle of spicy conversations and playing the most nauseating, shameful and cheap tricks to grab the attention.

Why do they suffer all the public humiliation and get mortified for prize money that may not last for a year or two?

I am in search of the answer…

Actually the sponsors and production houses making a lot of money selling the fake emotions and the melodrama that comes along with these shows. With TRP’s elevating to heights that they have never imagined, producers are ready to play with billions at the expense of the poor viewer’s emotions and feelings.

Is all fair in reality shows? Donno…

I have shifted to Cartoon Network. Those animated characters are much better!


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