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A catwalk from ramp to reality

An eye opener with certain striking moments that show the darker side of the fashion world; the movie ‘Fashion’ from Madhur Bhandarkar, the realistic entertainer that I watched yesterday, had much to say about the not -much known side of celebrities; the wild lifestyles of the fashion divas, dramas behind the stage, wardrobe malfunction, casting couch and much more …

It almost created a clear slide-show of a few facts that I had read and almost left out of my mind. And that’s where Madhur becomes exceptional in his film making. All his movies stay close to reality, with an excellent narrative style.

You know why I love his films? Every movie of Madhur will have something really new, narrated in a credible way, without ignoring the entertainment side of movie making.
Justify Full
I loved Kangana Ranaut’s balanced, awesome performance; a mind-blowing portrayal of Shonali (even though not lengthy as Priyanka’s), who falls from riches to rags in a short time. The incidents brought back to my mind certain newspaper reports about the models who have become victims of the pit-falls in fashion world.

Priyanka too has done a remarkable job, especially when the story moves to a point where Meghna (the character she portrays) finds it hard to handle an overnight success, starts making a wrong use of it, ending up as an alcohol and drug addict. Mugdha Ghodse too created a good impression, with a matured handling of the character.

I am not an expert reviewer but on the whole I can say I watched a good movie. Something worth watching!

From the diary of a crushed soul

“My aspiration, my website; I began planning years back. After much toil and trouble I made a final draft of my thoughts and filled it with the shades that I had dreamt of. Spending days and nights I designed every bit of it faultlessly .The result looked an exact replica of my dreams. Filled with of joy and happiness, I slept peacefully that night; after months of hard-work. In the curiosity to have a look at the result of my labor I logged in to my system the next day and searched for it.

Along with my site I found a clone of my creation mockingly winking at me!”

Don’t filch the fruit of someone’s hard work! Copying or stealing someone’s works is really brutal. A person who spends his valuable time and lots of money on work, launches it with immense hopes; will be literally heartbroken on seeing that is work has been stolen.

The tale of a shoe

The title might have given the impression of a fairy tale that’s about to follow. Wrong guess! It’s about the number of shoe hurls against our so called political wizards. Every Indian political gathering is safely guarded now from the anytime attack using shoes. Ha! Ha! Doesn’t that sound funny? But it’s true

Why shoes fly towards the politicians, these days? Yet to be researched!

As shoe hurls are becoming frequent these days I have been thinking about the reason why people have started using shoes for such an act, and have some thoughts to share. My answer may sound crazy to some of you, but yet please scroll down and have a look.

The shoes traverse a long way through much neglected Indian roads, suffering all the troubles without any objection. It has to take out feet safely even through the most stinking roads and pit filled lanes, without complaining; like how we are wordlessly living amid the sickening conditions and political situation and yet becoming a part of the democracy, in-spite of all the awful feelings, hidden in our mind. So chucking a shoe at someone, I think, stands for the eruption of all the so far veiled torment and frustration from a person’s heart. Etiquette gurus may vehemently object this, I am sure. But just consider the distressed mind at the other end; you may get an explanation, even though not fully justifiable.

At any cost I am not justifying the action and won’t do it. But let politicians and the alike class be alerted that when sufferings are growing beyond the periphery a common man may react in the most weird way.

May be more constructive ones might emerge soon! Let’s wait and watch

I am feeling sleepy!

I am feeling sleepy. Really sleepy that I am getting only a blurry vision of the letters on my keyboard, and feels as if they have gone totally messed up. Hah! Wish I could cuddle on my bed and have a nice sleep coz I had only very less sleep yesterday as the scorching heat had almost wearied me down. (The atmosphere is leaping zigzag from rain to heat these days, making matters worse, as I get a bad attack of sinusitis when the humidity level changes quickly.)

Lying on my bed was so hard yesterday, like lying in a hot furnace that I was awake almost the whole night, literally counting the ticks of my clock and took almost three baths in 5-7 hours because of the unbearable heat. The two sturdy security guards of our housing colony did their job on time, by whistling and knocking so loudly, piercing my ears, and sleep swiftly vanished from my eyes in no time.

By 4 AM I had my third bath, in the hope of getting a little sleep, but ill luck was not ready to leave me so easily. After waking up at 5.30 and getting ready I traveled for about two hours and reached my hostel by 8 am and thereafter to my office by 9, back to the long writing schedules. And guess what! I had bread and jam for lunch. Lack of sleep and a sugary lunch! Hah!!!!!!!!! My eye lids are getting so heavier that I am finding it really hard to concentrate on my work.

Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

The process of finding a suitable life partner was left family members and the dear ones earlier, and marriages were usually fixed by the elders in the family. To agree with it or not; it’s not the topic I am going to tell. About a strange news that I heard today; A MARRIAGE REALITY SHOW. Reality show and marriage, shocked? I was, on hearing about actress Rakhi Sawant’s plan to get married through a reality show.

Reality melodramas have reached its heights making totally weird and senseless shows these days, and now a marriage show! I pity the senseless brains behind such a weird idea. Most of the viewers like me are getting fed up of infinite number of reality shows & the dreary dramas like crying, bitterness, anger, bitching and backbiting and verbal juggleries of the participants and at times the judges, in such shows. And now a marriage reality show! Disgusting! What more to say!

I doubt if it’s all just publicity stunt by the channel, to increase the TRP rates. But if it’s true what would be the next choice of the producers? God knows!