Certain Tummy Thoughts

I am dieting these days, and started practicing a little bit of exercises too. Not that I have put on much weight to lose, but coz of having a big tummy. I used to deny this for quite some time, as my mind carried the image of the skinny body that I had. My big fat tummy began to worry me when people started noticing it and commenting, “Hey! Your tummy is so big!” Tummy is the worst place to carry fat deposits, especially for women… It’s very embarrassing!

Don’t be under the false notion that I am a real foodie, coz this is one of the most upsetting part of my work. Right from 9 in the morning to 5.30 in the evening I need to fix myself on the chair, immovable, as I will be busy with loads of writing works to do. No exercise and no walk, and my tummy grew bigger with fat deposits.

The only exercise that I did was the evening walks down the street, just to have those yummy ‘bhelpuris’. But I had to forcefully bring it to a halt as they started ruining the ambience of my stomach.

People who know about my tummy problem are very eager to shower their tummy reducing tips on me. Those boring, repetitive and unworkable tips that they have been trying for quite a long time! Hearing that I would mutter… It’s easy to advice baby! Practice it and reduce yours first!

But dieting is not that easy. It’s really hard to stop looking at those mouth-watering dishes that I used to enjoy before. Therefore I get really uneasy, & feel really dumb, when my friends tell me how hard I try to reduce my tummy size. I wonder whether I should correct them or not, to tell them that not much of change has happened, that I eat those junk foods every now and then, as I can’t live without it. How will I reduce my tummy size without changing my eating habits?


2 responses

  1. its soo true.. i have been having this bloating up problem too but never worried thinking that am skinny until people at my office started pointing out. And just like you, I spend 9 to 5 writing. Since excercise is not me I started dieting and its soo tough as I can’t give up bhel-puri or pani-puri. Nice to read a topic written by someone who shares my thoughts n experiences.

  2. Thank You 4 the comment. Birds of the same feather!!!

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