The tragedy reiterates!

‘Karthik Rajaram, a 45-year-old man, was found dead on Monday after blowing off the lives of six family members in a murder-suicide.’

‘Suspect Devan Kalathat Victims Akhil Dev,Negha Dev,Ashok Appu Poothemkandi,Suchitra Sivaraman,Ahana Ashok, Santa Clara Family Murder Suicide’

If Karthik had an anecdote of financial difficulty, the reason behind grisly Santa Clara murder-suicide is still unknown!

Why did Devan Kalathat, the family man and senior software engineer, buy two .45 semi-automatic handguns? Why did he slay his family and end-up his life? What was bubbling beneath his calmness?

Countless number of questions arose in my brain on hearing the heartbreaking tragedy at Santa Clara.

I took the flash news only as a usual story of financial difficulty due to layoffs, which is the child of the economic downturn. But initial reports have ruled out such a cause and pointed the probability of “difficult family dynamics” that might have spiraled into violence, claiming six lives.

Devan who mercilessly blew away his two young kids and three other relatives in the murder-suicide had posted a few photos on his Flicker page, make one believe his to be a happy, close-knit family.

Indians immigrants like Devan, who end up their lives abruptly, leave behind a number of unanswered questions about the reason behind such gruesome acts. On hearing such incidents I really get bewildered about the reason why a family that seemed to be happy, got wiped off all on a sudden. How can a person become so cruel to kill his family so mercilessly? Or does he feel contented watching the the physical pain of others. Yet to be ‘researched’!

PS- As usual, people will shake heads and leave this story too. Poor family, we may mutter for a day or two, sympathize for their kith and kin, and then forget the whole episode soon! The world is so damn busy!


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