Mango showers!!!

I love rain. We had a really hot climate in March, and now it’s raining heavily in the evenings. So exciting to go out in the rain, and get wet with the maiden drops! But as I am in the office most of the time, the chance to feel and enjoy the beauty of the rain is much less than before. I do love watching the rain drops trickling from the windowpane of my cabin. The silver droplets that fall down from the pane always trigger a very lovely mood, an in-explainable feeling that arises right from my stomach, which I love to enjoy.

I love to hear the rain drop hitting softly on our roof, like the patter of a little foot, but if my boss is around he won’t let me slide the window pane saying that the water droplets would spoil my PC. Moron! It seems I have to start teaching him how to enjoy the beauty of rain.

I was about to leave the office yesterday, when rain goddess blessed the city in abundance. Wow! It was really an amazing sight when it started raining such heavily that I got almost wet in minutes; right under an umbrella. As each droplet kissed my body I felt as if god is taking-out every gloom that the hot summer gave me. I longed to stand there for quite long, but the staring eyes changed my mind. Again morons!

I managed to get an auto rickshaw, to reach the hostel early. As the city was crowded with vehicles, it took almost half an hour to reach the hostel. I loved gazing at the rainwater clad crowd outside.

I swung my bag on to my couch and ran down to enjoy the nature’s gift. Hey!!!!! That was a breathtaking moment guys! I danced; jumped and enjoyed till the rain stopped … the drops which went in to my watch made it stop at 7pm…

I love rain. Hope I will get more time to go out in rain.


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