After a long time, a mini vacation has dawned before me, giving me a small rest from my long writing sessions. Actually I do love them when I am given enough time to make some countable works, but at times works flow in like floods that they literally wrap around me till I get chocked. Now that I have Easter and Vishu holidays; its leisure time, time to chill out, leaving all my official assignments, to watch the beauty of nature which I have almost on the verge of forgetting, to have some yummy dishes that my mom makes, to have some chitchat with my sister; that’s what my holidays are all about. I won’t go for long trips, as I love to be in the calmness of home and the warmth of my family’s presence. Unluckily there is just one working day (Monday) in between, to kill all my spirits. I may have to report at the office, if necessary. Hey! I want to shed out my nostalgia which is in-appareled in my soul since two years. Even if I turn up, I know that mind would keep on loitering the premises of my house the whole day, to join the preparations of Vishu (on Tuesday )and to enjoy the prettiness and the beauty of yellow , ‘Kanikonna’ flowers that my dad brings. I’m taking my off on Monday.I think that would be the best. But what could be the excuse? Fever, headache, stomach pain… seems I will have to find a more credible one this time as he knows that most of us may not turn up on Monday. He is the most uncompromising person I have ever seen, very much above my stern, yet lenient dad.

So I am seriously thinking about the best possible reason that I can find, to convince him. Any suggestions?


2 responses

  1. Hmm since you said you eat junk food like me you can count on food-poisoning…it worked for me 🙂

  2. Wow! u hit the trot!!!

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