I am a dosa freak.

‘Dosa’, even the name bears the most tantalizing scent of this favorite foodstuff of mine. A feast for the mind and palette; scrumptious dosas can be found in incredible varieties, Oh! they make me absolutely spell-bound. It’s an anytime food; a good choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The best combination would be with tomato chutney and sambar. Yummy dosa and hot coffee, Wow! It’s mouth-watering!

My mom is an expert in preparing dosas and I love eating them with the delicious coconut chutney and the flavorsome sambar that she prepares. The looks and aroma of dosas makes often make me forget my diet consciousness that I end up having four or five instead of my usual proportion.

Actually anything that spreads like dosa is simply appetizing, thick like uthappam or thin like a paper roast; made with rice, wheat or any flour, stuffed or mixed or topped with anything that’s lip-smacking.

Dosa is my all time favorite…mmmm……

What’s yours?


2 responses

  1. I looooove Dosa especially egg dosa and masala dosa. I can just eat it anytime, anyplace.

  2. Nice 2 meet another dosa freak!lol

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