Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

The process of finding a suitable life partner was left family members and the dear ones earlier, and marriages were usually fixed by the elders in the family. To agree with it or not; it’s not the topic I am going to tell. About a strange news that I heard today; A MARRIAGE REALITY SHOW. Reality show and marriage, shocked? I was, on hearing about actress Rakhi Sawant’s plan to get married through a reality show.

Reality melodramas have reached its heights making totally weird and senseless shows these days, and now a marriage show! I pity the senseless brains behind such a weird idea. Most of the viewers like me are getting fed up of infinite number of reality shows & the dreary dramas like crying, bitterness, anger, bitching and backbiting and verbal juggleries of the participants and at times the judges, in such shows. And now a marriage reality show! Disgusting! What more to say!

I doubt if it’s all just publicity stunt by the channel, to increase the TRP rates. But if it’s true what would be the next choice of the producers? God knows!


2 responses

  1. Haha yea I heard about this too. That’s Rakhi!!!

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