I am feeling sleepy!

I am feeling sleepy. Really sleepy that I am getting only a blurry vision of the letters on my keyboard, and feels as if they have gone totally messed up. Hah! Wish I could cuddle on my bed and have a nice sleep coz I had only very less sleep yesterday as the scorching heat had almost wearied me down. (The atmosphere is leaping zigzag from rain to heat these days, making matters worse, as I get a bad attack of sinusitis when the humidity level changes quickly.)

Lying on my bed was so hard yesterday, like lying in a hot furnace that I was awake almost the whole night, literally counting the ticks of my clock and took almost three baths in 5-7 hours because of the unbearable heat. The two sturdy security guards of our housing colony did their job on time, by whistling and knocking so loudly, piercing my ears, and sleep swiftly vanished from my eyes in no time.

By 4 AM I had my third bath, in the hope of getting a little sleep, but ill luck was not ready to leave me so easily. After waking up at 5.30 and getting ready I traveled for about two hours and reached my hostel by 8 am and thereafter to my office by 9, back to the long writing schedules. And guess what! I had bread and jam for lunch. Lack of sleep and a sugary lunch! Hah!!!!!!!!! My eye lids are getting so heavier that I am finding it really hard to concentrate on my work.


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