The tale of a shoe

The title might have given the impression of a fairy tale that’s about to follow. Wrong guess! It’s about the number of shoe hurls against our so called political wizards. Every Indian political gathering is safely guarded now from the anytime attack using shoes. Ha! Ha! Doesn’t that sound funny? But it’s true

Why shoes fly towards the politicians, these days? Yet to be researched!

As shoe hurls are becoming frequent these days I have been thinking about the reason why people have started using shoes for such an act, and have some thoughts to share. My answer may sound crazy to some of you, but yet please scroll down and have a look.

The shoes traverse a long way through much neglected Indian roads, suffering all the troubles without any objection. It has to take out feet safely even through the most stinking roads and pit filled lanes, without complaining; like how we are wordlessly living amid the sickening conditions and political situation and yet becoming a part of the democracy, in-spite of all the awful feelings, hidden in our mind. So chucking a shoe at someone, I think, stands for the eruption of all the so far veiled torment and frustration from a person’s heart. Etiquette gurus may vehemently object this, I am sure. But just consider the distressed mind at the other end; you may get an explanation, even though not fully justifiable.

At any cost I am not justifying the action and won’t do it. But let politicians and the alike class be alerted that when sufferings are growing beyond the periphery a common man may react in the most weird way.

May be more constructive ones might emerge soon! Let’s wait and watch


2 responses

  1. Hehe I heard about this shoe hurling. It was funny and at the same time thought provoking. Liked the way you animated the pains of a shoe and associated it with life.

  2. Thanks rads. 🙂

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