From the diary of a crushed soul

“My aspiration, my website; I began planning years back. After much toil and trouble I made a final draft of my thoughts and filled it with the shades that I had dreamt of. Spending days and nights I designed every bit of it faultlessly .The result looked an exact replica of my dreams. Filled with of joy and happiness, I slept peacefully that night; after months of hard-work. In the curiosity to have a look at the result of my labor I logged in to my system the next day and searched for it.

Along with my site I found a clone of my creation mockingly winking at me!”

Don’t filch the fruit of someone’s hard work! Copying or stealing someone’s works is really brutal. A person who spends his valuable time and lots of money on work, launches it with immense hopes; will be literally heartbroken on seeing that is work has been stolen.


One response

  1. Hmm it is really heartbreaking to see our work copied and showed off as someone else’s. Why dint you contact them and leave a warning. Plagiarism is a crime.

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