A catwalk from ramp to reality

An eye opener with certain striking moments that show the darker side of the fashion world; the movie ‘Fashion’ from Madhur Bhandarkar, the realistic entertainer that I watched yesterday, had much to say about the not -much known side of celebrities; the wild lifestyles of the fashion divas, dramas behind the stage, wardrobe malfunction, casting couch and much more …

It almost created a clear slide-show of a few facts that I had read and almost left out of my mind. And that’s where Madhur becomes exceptional in his film making. All his movies stay close to reality, with an excellent narrative style.

You know why I love his films? Every movie of Madhur will have something really new, narrated in a credible way, without ignoring the entertainment side of movie making.
Justify Full
I loved Kangana Ranaut’s balanced, awesome performance; a mind-blowing portrayal of Shonali (even though not lengthy as Priyanka’s), who falls from riches to rags in a short time. The incidents brought back to my mind certain newspaper reports about the models who have become victims of the pit-falls in fashion world.

Priyanka too has done a remarkable job, especially when the story moves to a point where Meghna (the character she portrays) finds it hard to handle an overnight success, starts making a wrong use of it, ending up as an alcohol and drug addict. Mugdha Ghodse too created a good impression, with a matured handling of the character.

I am not an expert reviewer but on the whole I can say I watched a good movie. Something worth watching!


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  1. I jus loved the movie and especially Kangna…I have like watched it 5 times now…a great movie and an eye-opener…not the usual bollywood types…

  2. U R right rads. thanks for the comment.

  3. Hey Anjana, you’ve been awarded the blogger friendship award, chk: http://rads-blogazine.blogspot.com/2009/05/blogger-friendship-award-2009.htmlHope you’ll carry it forward…

  4. Thank you very much for the honour conferred on me. Sure, I will be in the arena

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