Fortune Forseen

I met a person last week, who called himself a fortune teller. He wanted to try mine. I asked him if he could tell each and every minute that’s about to come, in detail. Thunderstruck hearing my question, he said that he can give only a general outline, some of which can be wrong too. I broke in to laughter as I couldn’t bear the contrast of his dumbfounded face with the prediction mania that he had a few minutes before.

Foreseeing someone’s fortune! Sounded odd to me (True believers please forgive). I do agree that everyone would be interested to know what’s going to happen in his life, the very next moment. But to predict a person’s future; my very average commonsense doesn’t allow me to swallow it up as such.

If the so called ‘fortune teller’ can predict our future why can’t they predict the disastrous happenings that occur in the world, which kills lakhs of innocent people? Why can’t they apply the same to predict the incidents that’s about to occur in his / her family? They can’t; the reason is simple; they have not risen to the sameness of GOD, the omnipotent power (even though called by different names). Yet they proudly call themselves ‘fortune tellers’!


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