The dead too need privacy

Here is a family fighting for the privacy of their deceased daughter. Internet privacy will take new turns after the battle of this California family and the state legislative system.

The Catsouras family approached the court of law when the photos of their beloved daughter’s fatal car accident started spreading rapidly on the Internet, two years back. Mortally wounded Nikki’s pictures have spread so quickly that the key word Nikki Catsouras shows about a million results, with a number of sites showing the car crash pictures.

What might have been the family’s reaction on seeing the photographs? I can’t even think about it, as the photographs are extremely upsetting.

The case has ignited a debate over the right to privacy for the deceased.

The spreading of Nikki Catsouras’ photographs exposes the darker side of Internet and makes the whole Catsouras family relive the death of their daughter, again and again. By displaying the disturbing and unidentifiable condition of Nikki’s body (she suffered a massive head injury), the whole family is made to repeatedly go through the horrifying experience.

I am not delving in to the details of her accident, or what made such an incident happen. But spreading such photographs on Internet should be banned by the court of law, so as to maintain the privacy of the dead, as well as the living family member s of the deceased.

PS – Praying for Nikki Catsouras. May her soul rest in peace.

I humbly request the readers not to search for Nikki’s car crash photographs.


2 responses

  1. Internet’s a bane in cases like this and nope I never did or will searcg for Nikki in future…I respect others’ privacy as much as I love mine.

  2. That’s nice radz. Thanks for the comment. Let’s hope that no more incidents like this happen again.

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