It’s a Zoozoo magic

Ads, it always meant images of a group of beautiful women and fine-looking men. Even I thought the same, until I saw the ads of Vodafone and the cute and funny acts of the egg shaped Zoozoos.

About 20-30 exceptional ads, about the various services of the company, Zoozoos have hit the charts in a very short time, creating waves all over the world.

The ad makers have a really fantastic imagination. Incredible creation of alien like creatures, their looks, expressions, laugh, grin, hops, the way the dance…. The antics of the cute Zoozoos are just fantastic!

At first I thought that the characters were animated cartoons, but got to know later, from a forwarded e-mail about the making of Zoozoo’s, that they are human begins with masks.

Awesome idea! Something different from the usual boring ads!


2 responses

  1. Yea this was an awesome idea indeed…shows there’s no limit to human imagination and creativity.

  2. Exactly rads!Thanks for the comment!

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