I am scared of liars

I am afraid of people who tell lies. Why do they do it when they are sure that the truth is going to come out eventually? Liars always disturb me to the core, especially when I hear all the elucidation that they use to excuse themselves. But a lie is simply a lie, no matter whatever the justifications are.

I won’t say that I am a Miss: Perfect Angel as I too have lied for silly things and have faced the consequences that rose about a ten times higher than my lie. But I have never told lies to hurt or mislead someone.

Do you what to know the reason for the scare? It’s nothing but the bad experiences that I had, the instances where I have been deceived and hurt by the lies that I have heard.

On an average I bump into about 10-15 lies a day, a few silly and a few serious ones.

I have always tried to know a person well, to let my head dominate my heart, before entering in to a friendship. But mistakes have happened many times. Actually it’s very hard to accept that you are getting cheated, that a janitor has entered close to your heart, with a faked identity.

Are we supposed to forgive such people? I really don’t know. But once I lose the trust towards a person that’s the end of everything, whoever it is. But lies and deceits have become the part and parcel of life these days that it is very difficult to know the intention of a person approaching me. Why can’t they be honest?

People always find fault in me saying that I am too much frank and lets the other person know the real me. But I always remain the same and if the real me doesn’t please a person I just walk away as I won’t be able to continue that friendship anymore. But as I said before a few mistakes do have occurred in life where I was mislead by the faked identity of certain people.

But believe me, ultimately you get only what you give others. Try to be honest and get it back in plenty.


2 responses

  1. Sometimes people lie to make their frends feel happy, I guess those are white lies and can be ignored but some lies that hurt others are the real ones and people should think twice or thrice before saying them.

  2. ‘A lie is simply a lie, no matter whatever the justifications are’. Thanks for the comment.

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