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I am back!

I was trying hard these days, to get out of last week’s traumatic moments.

May be due to time, the ultimate healer, or the strength from the feeling of my friend’s presence around me; I am back! Back to work, back to writing, back to my musings….

But I keep sending regular messages and e-mails to his family and always pray for them, so that they get the courage to move-on and fulfill the dreams that he has left behind.

The heaviness of heart is slowly leaving me as I get more concentrated on my works and writings. Works, nothing much to be said as innovative and creative, but have something to keep myself busy the whole day. SEO, PPC, traffic, ranking…the very same jargons still revolve around my cabin helping out in my endeavors to get a better position for the websites of our clients.

After making the search engines contented, I go back to my room, have a good bath and lie down on my bed watching the beautiful stars. As I have put my bed near the window, I get a good view of those cute twinkles, which makes me feel at ease.

The monsoons have started here, but we are not getting good rains compared to the previous years. I really miss that delirious joy that the rain gives me! It rains seldom these days and the humidity has brought back that bad attack of sinusitis, which peeps-up every now and then, at times making me confine to my bed the whole day. A bad ear infection made matter worse, partially closing my right ear, with a shutter effect.

The terrible economic downturn had almost slaughtered my hopes for a better writing job, but now it’s slowly heading back to life.

I have started continuing my efforts to take a career leap, however not sure of the outcome, as the financial recession is still ubiquitous !

Thanks Rads for your caring words!

Signing-off for now!

When they leave us…

What’s the similarity between death and a thief? Oh! Don’t feel that I am going to tell you a joke, as I have found one between both. The thief comes stealthily and takes away the thing that we love the most. In the same way death too comes surreptitiously taking away our dear ones whom we cannot part with, leaving a giant hole in our life. The impact of the tragedy will multiply when death comes unexpectedly. It just snatches away that lifelong cherished relation of ours, leaving us totally blank, making us wonder about our survival without those dear ones.

I am finding it hard to move-on from tear-jerking impact of the dark, horrifying loneliness that has been created in my life, after losing one my dearest friends, on Sunday. The shocking loss of that loved one has made me totally forlorn all of a sudden, even amid the supporting words of my friends. I have all my friends around, supporting me, but find it hard to go on leaving behind those heartbreaking moments of losing him. He who had always been my supporting pillar throughout my life has left me all on a sudden amid the mystifying journey of life. ‘He has reached heaven’, people do keep on telling me so, or synonymous futile words intensifying my pain. Has he actually gone away from me? No, and I wish to believe that he is watching me and hearing my words from the other room, where I cannot go now, but later.

Even though it’s not going to lessen the searing pain of his death I wish to believe in that way, at least to bring down the intense feeling of suffocation that I have.

I have been asked not to be alone, to be always occupied with some work or the other to alleviate the pain, but even my work is not lending me a helping hand.

If Ann Frank had survived…

“From my favorite spot on the floor I look up at the blue sky and the bare chestnut tree, on whose branches little raindrops shine, appearing like silver, and at the seagulls and other birds as they glide on the wind,”

Anne Frank

Feb. 23, 1944.

She would have told us more about the scary ‘holocausts’, the dangers of war, about cruelties that she witnessed, about the megalomaniac dictator and a lot more, if she had survived…

Anne Frank, the symbol of hope, even in the peak of sufferings and evil, would have turned 80 this week, if she had survived.

“…I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.”

She would have been happy to see her horse chestnut tree that helped her to know the seasons of life, during those two years that she and her family hided themselves from the Nazis.

“Our horse chestnut is in full bloom,” wrote Anne Frank on May 13, 1944, “thickly covered with leaves and much more beautiful than last year.”

A report that I recently read in NY times says that Miss Frank might have had her last glimpse of the chestnut tree in August 1944, before she and the other occupants were taken to the camp, where she later died of typhus.

Before reading her tear jerking experiences, I used to wonder at the thoughts that she might have had during her life in the attic as I am finding it really hard to even imagine me getting locked up in an attic, for a minute or two.

Through the words of this exemplary diarist her readers stumble upon the life of the millions of Jews who were lost to this world. Tears might have rolled down her eyes on seeing her dear ones getting succumbed to the tragic life.

Her writings, the way she has penned down her thoughts amid the tragedies that she faced, bear the voice of a truly recognizable person among us. Her scribbles give the true images of Nazi persecution during Second World War. The way she has engraved it, in the midst of the sufferings of the concentration camp, is truly exemplary. The touching and chilling diary has been translated into almost 60 languages around the world.

Odd Chinese Diets

Imagine a person going to a restaurant and asking for monkey’s brain. What will be the response of the staff? I can visualize a surprised face and a sudden burst of laughter in my mind. A wacky need they would say and may grab the person by collar and haul him out of the restaurant saying he is MAD.

But that’s not the case in China. If someone asks the same there, he will be given a plate full of monkey’s brain; as monkey brains scooped from a live animal is one of the much loved foodstuffs in Guangdong, in China. Doesn’t that sound gross? Just go though today’s CNN-IBN’s webpage and you will be shocked!

Do you want to know about another favorite dish of Chinese? Its chicken ‘bitten to death by poisonous snake and cooked up’, for an allegedly detoxing meal. The dish which was served in Guangdong and Chongqing in China, generated a lot of controversy in media and public that they are about to get banned, by the health authorities of China. A video that showed live chicken, being killed by snake bites has generated immense anger from far and wide.

Startling! it’s totally startling.But people are still hale-and-hearty after having such odd diets!God’s grace!

Is love really blind?

As usual I was loitering around the corridor in the evening and I heard a sob. When I looked around I saw her in the dark corner on the corridor, weeping. I have always seen her cheerful and hence was shocked to see her crying. I went near her to pacify her. Slowly she started talking to me, about the reason for her grief, about her loveless life, a long story of dating and marriage, and post-married days. She is married; an 8 year old love story and a marriage that almost separated her family from her, due to her incorrect (according to her parents) decision.

After hearing it I felt that both of them, she and the guy, were far-flung from reality, during the time of dating. Both of them could see only the best part of the other person. Literally blind love!

The guy is from a lower-middle class family that has not saved much in life. She is from a rich affluent family and the guy’s parents, who had their eyes on her wealth, showed them a green signal. But her parents were still not ready to agree for the match as the guy didn’t even have a good job. After a constant battle with her dear ones, she managed to convince her parents and half heartedly they agreed. As she had a job she was confident that she could manage their life until he gets one.

But problems started off soon when she realized the real intentions of her in-laws. Even her husband turned against her when she refused to hand over her jewellery to her in-laws, to buy a property. The drift grew wide day by day, with the active contribution of the cooked-up stories from her in-laws, separating them, and finally making the guy take up a job in another country. The love that was there had nearly vanished within a year!

Hey! Don’t you feel that this saas-bahu-pati clash is going on in the usual track? Yes, it is, because the next episode has a typical suspect-maniac husband who always yells at his wife, when she is spotted even with her brother.

And now, their 8 years long love story is about to reach the climax soon, with a suit in the family court; which is going to happen soon.