When they leave us…

What’s the similarity between death and a thief? Oh! Don’t feel that I am going to tell you a joke, as I have found one between both. The thief comes stealthily and takes away the thing that we love the most. In the same way death too comes surreptitiously taking away our dear ones whom we cannot part with, leaving a giant hole in our life. The impact of the tragedy will multiply when death comes unexpectedly. It just snatches away that lifelong cherished relation of ours, leaving us totally blank, making us wonder about our survival without those dear ones.

I am finding it hard to move-on from tear-jerking impact of the dark, horrifying loneliness that has been created in my life, after losing one my dearest friends, on Sunday. The shocking loss of that loved one has made me totally forlorn all of a sudden, even amid the supporting words of my friends. I have all my friends around, supporting me, but find it hard to go on leaving behind those heartbreaking moments of losing him. He who had always been my supporting pillar throughout my life has left me all on a sudden amid the mystifying journey of life. ‘He has reached heaven’, people do keep on telling me so, or synonymous futile words intensifying my pain. Has he actually gone away from me? No, and I wish to believe that he is watching me and hearing my words from the other room, where I cannot go now, but later.

Even though it’s not going to lessen the searing pain of his death I wish to believe in that way, at least to bring down the intense feeling of suffocation that I have.

I have been asked not to be alone, to be always occupied with some work or the other to alleviate the pain, but even my work is not lending me a helping hand.


2 responses

  1. Oh I'm so sorry…totally understand its painful but we can't do anything about it..guess you'd just have to move on…

  2. I have to. But m finding it really difficult.

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