I am back!

I was trying hard these days, to get out of last week’s traumatic moments.

May be due to time, the ultimate healer, or the strength from the feeling of my friend’s presence around me; I am back! Back to work, back to writing, back to my musings….

But I keep sending regular messages and e-mails to his family and always pray for them, so that they get the courage to move-on and fulfill the dreams that he has left behind.

The heaviness of heart is slowly leaving me as I get more concentrated on my works and writings. Works, nothing much to be said as innovative and creative, but have something to keep myself busy the whole day. SEO, PPC, traffic, ranking…the very same jargons still revolve around my cabin helping out in my endeavors to get a better position for the websites of our clients.

After making the search engines contented, I go back to my room, have a good bath and lie down on my bed watching the beautiful stars. As I have put my bed near the window, I get a good view of those cute twinkles, which makes me feel at ease.

The monsoons have started here, but we are not getting good rains compared to the previous years. I really miss that delirious joy that the rain gives me! It rains seldom these days and the humidity has brought back that bad attack of sinusitis, which peeps-up every now and then, at times making me confine to my bed the whole day. A bad ear infection made matter worse, partially closing my right ear, with a shutter effect.

The terrible economic downturn had almost slaughtered my hopes for a better writing job, but now it’s slowly heading back to life.

I have started continuing my efforts to take a career leap, however not sure of the outcome, as the financial recession is still ubiquitous !

Thanks Rads for your caring words!

Signing-off for now!


2 responses

  1. Hmm I can understnad, but that's how life is…can't do anything about it but will have to adjust to everything that goes around and put our best into everything we do…i think your ear pain is due to sinusitis…i heard that its caused when sinus gets worse…take care..as for the writing opportunities, India can't be worse than US, here I am hunting since 8 months with not a single call.

  2. Thanks for those caring words dear. All the best! May god bless u 2 get a good opportunity soon.

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